Study skills affect every aspect of academic performance. Even the brightest students can be held back if their study habits and skills are poor. Champion builds a customized study skills program that caters to the needs of each student. The program is based upon a thorough evaluation of student learning preferences and abilities. The Champion Study Skills program is designed to help students develop solid personal study habits.

The program covers several key areas:

  •  Organization and Time Management
Students learn goal setting and study planning, as well as paper organization, assignment and grade tracking.

  •  Note Taking
Students learn the most effective methods for taking notes, as well as listening, following directions, and managing and presenting information.

  •  Studying
Students learn how to use notes effectively as part of the studying
process. We also help develop textbook and research skills, and specific techniques for studying.

  •  Test-Taking-Strategies
Students learn to conquer test-taking anxiety, as well as techniques to    raise scores on multiple choice and essay tests.

Unlike other academic subjects, study skills are not taught in the traditional classroom. Fortunately, the Champion Learning Center is around to supplement the schools’ curriculum. If you want to give your child more time to enjoy the things he or she likes, call Champion Learning Center today!

“Champion got me organized. I feel like I can think more clearly now, and I’ve been getting the grades to prove it.”

- Champion Learning Student


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