Writing skills are critical for success in school and in life.

“I don’t dread writing essays for English class anymore, because it takes me a third of the time it used to.”

–Champion Student

That’s why Champion offers a state-of-the-art program that’s geared to help students at various levels master writing skills. We look at all aspects of the writing process and pinpoint the specific areas where improvement is needed. Depending on the needs of each student our programs cover:

• Grammar
• Punctuation
• Organization
• Outlining
• Spelling
• Sentence Structure
• Expressive Vocabulary
• Detail Development
• Relevancy of material presented to the topic
• Clarity
• Style appropriate to grade level

Based on each student’s individualized assessment results and professional evaluation, we prescribe a program that hones in on the specific needs of the student.

By teaching students how to write clearly and logically, Champion gives them a competitive advantage in school and beyond. Give your child the skills he or she needs. Call Champion Learning Center today!

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